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Diddy told BBC's Newsbeat that, for the immediate future, he wants to take a step back from being an artist and, instead, focus on production.

Specifically, he says that "it's about supporting Dawn and Kaleena on their solo projects and the rest of the Bad Boy projects."

This sort of thing has happened before as Diddy has divided his attention over the years between music (both as an artist and a producer), acting, fashion and various business endeavors.

Bad Boy released just two albums in 2010 - Janelle Monae's "The ArchAndroid: Suites II and III" and Dirty Money's "Last Train to Paris." The label has not yet released an album in 2011 and no forthcoming albums have been given an official release date. If Bad Boy fails to release an album in 2011, that will be the first calendar year where that has happened since the inception of the label.

Via PopCrush.