Check out our The Notorious B.I.G. section for more posts about The Notorious B.I.G.. has an interview with production duo the Trackmasters, compromised of Jean-Claude Olivier (known as Poke) and Samuel Barnes (Tone).

Tone: It was that feel-good vibe, that block-party vibe, you know. B.I.G. was cool to work with.

Poke: It was the same era as what we were trying to do with bringing the block-party feel back to music. Puff wanted to do that whole feel as well, so it worked because we were in sync. What stood out to me about that record is I never knew how B.I.G. used to write his lyrics until then. I remember playing him the record and he was just sitting there doing nothing. I was like, N**** you doing nothing, you gonna pick up a pen and write? He was like, “Man, that’s not how I do records. Man, I am writing.” (Laughing) So that’s what stood out about making “Juicy.”

This contradicts what Clark Kent said earlier this month, when he told XXL that Biggie didn't start utilizing that songwriting technique until 1996. DJ Premier, like the Trackmasters, also said Biggie was doing it during the "Ready to Die" recording process.