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The last few months have been a little crazy and, as such, we have been focusing on high level stories - or stories that happened to cross my desk - here at Bad Boy Blog. At the same time, being a comprehensive source, I at least wanted to summarize some of the stories that fell through the cracks during this time. Check out some of them below.

Diddy Interested in Doing More Comedies

Diddy told MTV News that, when he was making "Get Him to the Greek," he "really fell in love with making people laugh" and hopes to have the opportunity to do it more in the future. Via Rashard Phillips.

Dirty Money Participates in Live Chat on The Sun's Website

Dirty Money answered a few questions on The Sun's website. Mostly personal stuff, but Diddy also revealed the collaboration with U.K. rapper Wiley for an "Ass on the Floor" remix.

Breast Cancer Charities Angry Over Lack of Proceeds from Diddy-Hosted Event

Brad Hamilton of the New York Post reports that a pair of breast cancer charities are unhappy that they have not received proceeds from a party that Diddy hosted at Glo nightclub, that they say was supposed to benefit their organizations.

The same charities say Diddy received $80,000 to host the event. It is unclear where that money came from - if it was the charities, it seems the article would have said so, but it didn't. For this reason, it appears that the money came from the nightclub.

However, the charities position is a little strange because they say they didn't even have a contract. They maintain that they were told "proceeds from the event," while the nightclub says that the agreement was that if there was a profit, they would have received a portion. But, there wasn't a profit - there was a rainstorm on the night of the event and a lower than expected crowd appeared.

For his part, Diddy says he had nothing to do with the charitable part of the event and agreed to let them add them to the event because he thought it was a good idea. Judging from the quotes from all three sides, it seems like a dispute between the club and the charities - and not one that involves Diddy. Of course, mentioning Diddy will get you more coverage and attention.

Music Video on the Way for Diddy/Dirty Money's "Yesterday" featuring Chris Brown

Riveting Entertainment, home to music video directors Colin Tilley (who directed Dirty Money's "A** on the Floor" clip) and Parriss, posted a behind the scenes picture from the shoot for Dirty Money's "Yesterday" featuring Chris Brown.

The post said that the shot took place in the "middle of a dry lake" that was two and a half hours away from downtown Los Angeles.

Behind the Scenes at Kevin Cossom's "Baby I Like It" Music Video featuring Diddy (Video)

HIPHOLLYWOOD.COM and both went behind the scenes at the music video shoot for Kevin Cossom's "Baby I Like It" featuring Diddy and Fabolous. Watch below.

Via Miss LayDee.