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Diddy has donated $100,000 to The 100 Urban Entrepreneurs Foundation, according to a press release. During GRAMMY week, the group was joined by Bryan-Michael Cox and SESAC in honoring Diddy.

From the release:

Annually, Bryan-Michael Cox recognizes a leading business executive’s commitment to music, business and service. The brunch was well attended by a mix of music and corporate executives, friends and family. Bryan opened the brunch with heartfelt words about the impact that “Puff”, as he referred to him during his speech, had on him. "When you’re around Puff, you just want to be better," Cox told guests. "Puff challenged me early on by asking, Son, do you know how hot you really are? I walked away wanting to make even greater music.” Bryan credited Combs as a mentor that offered him an opportunity to be greater. Sean “Diddy” Combs continued the message of mentorship and opportunity with his acceptance speech and accredited his success to being given an opportunity by mentors like Quincy Jones, LA Reid and Andre Harrell. Bryan-Michael Cox recognized the founders of 100 Urban Entrepreneurs, Magnus Greaves, Lucas Riggins and Dan Carriere and illustrated to the audience the value and impact of the organization. “Minorities are fundamentally at a disadvantage because many lack the access to financial resources and mentoring opportunities to start sustainable businesses.”

In a special presentation honoring Combs, Damone Franklin and Charlie Fyffe owners of Charlies Brownies, a 100 Urban Entrepreneur funded business, announced the establishment of the “Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs” Entrepreneurial Fund. Moved by the founders’ commitment to urban entrepreneurship and the stories of those currently served by the foundation, Sean “Diddy” Combs personally committed $100,000.00 to The 100 Urban Entrepreneurs Foundation. The donation will be used to fund 10 startup businesses and provide entry into the 100 Urban Entrepreneur Mentor Program.