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In an interview with Speakeasy, a blog of The Wall Street Journal, Method Man was asked if he'd seen the "Notorious" biopic (he hadn't - "I don't like death at all," he said) and he also shared this story:

What was [The Notorious B.I.G.] like in real life?

He was hilarious, man. Once when we went inside this airport [in North Carolina]. There was a lady at the security gate and Big went through and “beep beep beep” and he’s telling the lady, “Look, I got a bullet in me, so the machine’s gonna keep going off. Why don’t you pat me down?” And she was like “No just keep going through the machine.” And he kept going through and through…I just thought that was f—- hilarious…After a while you’d forget he was fat or had those googly-eyes, you’d just see a funny motherf—– …I think Big would have been big on screen.