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Back in November, Liz Davis revealed that revealed that she had signed with a "new major label," referring to it as the label whose roster included country legend Reba McEntire. That would have meant The Valory Music Co.

At the time, Davis was not willing to speak further or confirm whether or not she was still affiliated with Bad Boy.

But, on her Facebook page is January, Davis was asked if she was still "with Diddy" and she replied, stating that she was "not with Bad Boy anymore" and telling the person, "you'll find out soon!"

Ironically, Davis released a new song on Friday titled "Bad Boy," where she sings "Bad Boy, you're no good for me." But, the song title has "no pun intended," according to her.

Earlier this month, Davis tweeted that she wanted to "answer everyone's questions about Bad Boy. But, news will be out soon, I promise you!"