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On Wednesday, Janelle Monae was honored by ESSENCE and Diddy at the magazine's annual "Black Women in Music" event before the GRAMMYs. Prince, Big Boi, Mary Mary, Leona Lewis and others were also on hand.

ESSENCE has a five question interview with her, where she reflects on what the honor means to her, as well as the support that she has received from Diddy and Prince.

"He's a very nice guy and supportive of my ideas and my label, The Wonderland Arts Society," she said of the Bad Boy CEO. "He's very funny and is really inspired by what it is that we are doing. It means a lot to me because he is also a person that I have looked up to. I admire the longevity that he has and all the many businesses that he has and still oversees. Whenever I need advice, he's just there. And him just being there is enough."

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Diddy, who talked about his state of mind when he gave Monae the stamp of approval.

"It was a great time for me and her 'cause I was at a time of evolving, at a time of another level of maturity where I wasn't such a control freak and it was time for me to recognize that other people maybe had ideas that I didn't understand and I would still be able to support it and play my position," he told THR.

"When you're with somebody from Day 1 or you're with somebody when nobody else is there, people look at it a little differently. It's a proud moment when you start to see people start to notice and recognize their hard work."

CBS News and NPR have some great photos from the event.