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In January, we learned that Guy Gerber and Diddy were working on a collaborative album.

The Independent and both chatted with Gerber in September and he revealed more about the project.

The project itself is called "11:11." It's unclear if that is the album title, the name that the pair have given themselves collectively (which seems to be how it is being referred to) or both.

According to Gerber, the project will include vocals from Diddy, Dirty Money and "Biggie's old tracks that [Diddy] gave" Gerber. The album is "about a date when a mystical gate is open and two worlds collide. It's the beginning of the carnival. It's the beginning of the end or the start of another dimension."

The first single was being mastered in September and is titled "Tourist Trap." It will have remixes from Jamie Jones, Visionquest, Soul Clap, Renaissance Man and David K. In the interview with The Independent in early September, Gerber said that it was to be released within the next two months, a time frame that has now come and gone.

That said, listings on a couple of vinyl websites like Decks Records, indicate that a vinyl release may be coming soon and you can even preview some of the records.

Renaissance Man has released his remix on his SoundCloud profile and you can listen to it below.

Also, you can listen to "Nothing Can Be True (Guy Gerber Rework)," a collaboration from early on in their sessions, which you can pick up on vinyl.