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Yesterday, Red Cafe appeared on MTV's "RapFix" and was interviewed by host Sway Calloway on his album, his history of labels, working with Bad Boy and Diddy and more. Check out all of the clips below.

Clip #1: they aired some footage of Red Cafe's trip to Ghana, Africa earlier this year, including a performance with Fabolous.

Clip #2: the interview with Sway begins. They discuss Africa, his various label changes and working with Bad Boy.

Clip #3: the interview continues and they talk about the Ciroc Boyz movement. Red Cafe shares the story of the USTREAM session with him, Diddy and Fabolous where Diddy was flashing a lot of money.

Clip #4: Producer Future says that he wants to get involved in real estate with Red Cafe, who describes the real estate related endeavors. He currently owns a couple of bars and a salon. Sway asks him about the recent Ray J and Fabolous dispute.

Clip #5: behind the scenes of Red Cafe's "Fly Together" music video featuring Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross. He revealed that he'll be releasing a mixtape of original material on Halloween titled "Hell's Kitchen."

Talking about songs that will actually make the album, he said that "Hottest in the Hood" and "I'm Ill" will likely be on it, in addition to a song called "Did it For My Momma," which talks about how his mother is his hero.

Clip #4: Rick Ross' health issues are the next topic. Red Cafe says that he spoke to Ross and that he's OK, but he needs to take some personal time. Sway then refers to when Diddy was beginning to affiliate with Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, and asks if Red Cafe was worried that his project would get pushed back. Sway then gets his perspective on the altercation that Diddy was involved in during a BET Hip-Hop Awards afterparty.

Clip #7: Red Cafe is asked if he is affiliated with the Bloods gang, since he was signed with Mack 10 (who is a known affiliate) at one time and because his name is Red Cafe. A Twitter commenter asks if he plans to collaborate with Machine Gun Kelly. Red Cafe says that MGK is "dope" and that he's a fan, but there are no plans - yet.

Red Cafe is reluctant to confirm any guests for his album, outside of Diddy, Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie. When Sway mentions Lil' Wayne and Nicki Minaj, Red Cafe doesn't confirm or deny.

Clip #8: As part of a regular "RapFix" segment, a video of an aspiring artist is played in front of an established artist, in this case Red Cafe, to get their feedback. The artist this week is M.E.D.

Clip #9: Red Cafe continues to offer feedback to M.E.D., who asks him a question about his drive to continue recording with various album related setbacks and delays.

Clip #10: Sway recaps the interview and Red Cafe finishes with a freestyle. Red Cafe promises some exclusive music for next week's "RapFix."