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Back at the start of May, Black Rob revealed that he was no longer with Bad Boy and later confirmed that he had no contract with the label.

Diddy was asked about the situation in May by RapRadar.

"We letting Rob just do what he want to do right now," he said. "He feel like coming home, he can do that. He got his freedom to do what he want to do. It's all love. We there for him, to support him."

I've maintained coverage of Rob here, in order to let some of the dust settle. But, as time passes, it seems more and more likely that he is off of the label and even he has said that this is the case. As such, today Bad Boy Blog will cease coverage of him.

Of course, if any additional news should break regarding a return to Bad Boy, we'll have it here. In the mean time, as a fan, I wish Black Rob the best of luck in his future endeavors.