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Amy Calder of The Morning Sentinel has a nice feature on Jeremy Greene, centered around the music video for "Fire Proof," which he shot last weekend in Waterville, Maine, where he grew up. The video will be directed by Dale "Rage" Resteghini who also directed Dirty Money's "Love Come Down" and many more music videos.

Update: The video was not shot in Waterville, but in other parts of Maine.

"The whole concept of it is very much like the movie 'Ghost,'" Greene told Calder. "Me and my girlfriend get into an argument, I leave in an old car, get into an accident and die, and six months later, she starts feeling my presence. I'm like a ghost, being very stalkerish in the video."

Greene revealed that he will join Sean Kingston on tour starting on August 26, and then they will be on tour with Justin Bieber at a later date. He also spoke on his deal with Bad Boy and his upcoming album.

"He got my vision and he let me do my whole album myself," he said." He pretty much kidnapped me and took me home and I lived there for, like, three weeks until the deal was done.""

Resteghini expects the music video to be released in four or five weeks.