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We're pleased to officially release Aasim's brand new mixtape, "Off the Shelf," featuring production from Grind Music and Amadeus and appearances from Diddy, Jack Knight, Mary Brown and more. Check out the front and back cover, as well as a full track listing (with production credits), below.

"Off the Shelf" by Aasim (Front Cover)

"Off the Shelf" by Aasim (Back Cover)

Track Listing

1. Off The Shelf Intro
2. Off The Shelf (Produced by Clyde and Harry)
3. Throwback featuring Diddy (Produced by Grind Music)
4. Radio Skit (Produced by Olivier "Akos" Castelli)
5. Breath Of New York featuring Young Dot (Produced by Amadeus and Calico)
6. Groupie B**** featuring K-Young (Produced by David Banner)
7. MJ Skit (Produced by Olivier "Akos" Castelli)
8. God Bless The Child (Produced by Lil' Wonda)
9. Pink Diamonds featuring Jack Knight
10. On The Phone featuring Mary Brown
11. Scarface Skit (Produced by Olivier "Akos" Castelli)
12. No N**** Like Me (Produced by Grind Music)
13. Euphoria (Produced by Grind Music)
14. Casino Skit (Produced by Olivier "Akos" Castelli)
15. Switch Sides featuring Young Dot (Produced by Slim)
16. UB On Me featuring Corte (Produced by Clyde and Harry)
17. Impossible featuring Tyte Writer