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During a live broadcast on USTREAM on Tuesday, Diddy talked about his plans to make this year a "big year ... in rap" for Bad Boy, mentioning Red Cafe, Aasim and The Lox by name and also alluding to "other acts" that he wants to sign.

"Y'all know I don't really sign a lot of rappers," he said. "I got Red Cafe. I got Aasim. And I'm trying to make a couple of other moves to really have a big year, this year, in rap. But, Aasim is the truth, the answer, the dream. Red Cafe, trust me, we gonna start making that noise. Still trying to do this Lox album, trying to get that back together, get us back together again. And some other acts. I'm trying to really make a lot of noise this year."

Check out the clip below, starting at the 15:37 mark. Also, check out the 10:03 mark for a funny moment with Red Cafe and Fabolous whispering to the camera.