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In the month of February, Gorilla Zoe released a mixtape every day - plus two on one day, for a grand total of 29 mixtapes in 28 days. DatPiff played host to this marathon and, according to the numbers provided on their website, the 29 mixtapes totaled 318,901 listens and 173,156 downloads.

According to DatPiff, a listen is counted when a user opens a mixtape player and, regardless of whether he listens to one track or all of them, it counts as one listen. They also log the IP address, so if that same user was to come back the next day, using that same IP address, they would still count as just one listen.

The most popular mixtapes were generally the ones released earliest. They capitalized off the initial buzz and have also been up the longest, providing them with the longest opportunity to have been seen by DatPiff visitors.

The top 5 most listened to mixtapes were:

1. 20,313 listens: "Crack Addiction: We Run Atlanta" (with DJ Bobby Black and Gucci Mane)
2. 19,257 listens: "Diamonds, Dope, & Dimez"
3. 18,962 listens: "You Don't Mess With the Zoehan"
4. 17,249 listens: "Planet of the Apes" (with DJ Fletch)
5. 15,298 listens: "Gorilla Woods"

The top 5 most downloaded mixtapes were:

1. 11,048 downloads: "Diamonds, Dope, & Dimez"
2. 10,294 downloads: "Zoe Montana" (with DJ Rell)
3. 10,027 downloads: "Crack Addiction: We Run Atlanta" (with DJ Bobby Black and Gucci Mane)
4. 9,883 downloads: "Planet of the Apes" (with DJ Fletch)
5. 8,808 downloads: "Gorilla Woods"

Data provided in this post is current as of writing but, as the mixtapes remain online, will continue to change as time goes on.