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Gorilla Zoe's fourth mixtape in his month of 28 is "Gorilla Woods." Warning: the album cover features sexual imagery and, as such, we will not have the cover here nor an embedded player. However, the track listing is below. You can download it at DatPiff.

1. DJ Ice Mike Intro
2. Tiger Woods Speaks
3. Sexy Money
4. Drop
5. Porno Rockstar
6. Drop
7. Throw This Money
8. Stalking B****
9. Stop Calling My Phone
10. Drop
11. F*** You featuring Lika Joon
12. Gorilla Woods Speaks
13. Da Baddest
14. Stalking B****
15. Been There DOne That
16. Drop
17. Good Stuff
18. Love Her
19. Drop
20. Get Away
21. Famous
22. Drop
23. One Night Stand
24. Smile For Me