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Gorilla Zoe has announced that he'll be releasing 28 mixtapes in February: one for each day of the month. The first was "Crack Addiction: We Run Atlanta" and the second is "Diamonds, Dope & Dimez," which you can download now (as promoted by Gorilla Zoe).

Below, you can check out the cover, tracklisting and an embedded player where you can listen.

"Diamonds, Dope & Dimez" Mixtape by Gorilla Zoe

1. Diamonds Dope & Dimez Intro
2. I'm Coming
3. Robbery
4. Watching
5. Intellect Over Emotion
6. Diamonds Dope & Dimez Skit
7. Money Makes the World Go Round
8. Freak
9. Da Baddest featuring Supplya
10. I Got H***
11. Go Hard
12. DJ Bobby Black Outro
13. I'm On
14. Story Bout Me