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Gorilla Zoe's fourteenth mixtape in his month of 28 is "Gorilla Ape S***." You can download it at DatPiff. Below, check out the cover, track listing and an embedded player where you can listen.

"Gorilla Ape S***" Mixtape by Gorilla Zoe

Track listing:

1. Courtesy Flush Intro
2. Courtesy Flush
3. Dough (produced by NB)
4. I Bet
5. Courtesy Flush
6. Phow
7. Real N*****
8. Street Fighter 1. 2
9. We Want Zoe
10. Hold Up
11. Courtesy Flush
12. I Get to the Money (produced by NB)
13. Krazy
14. Courtesy Flush
15. Now Dat's Hood
16. Boom