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The day of two mixtapes was Wednesday as Gorilla Zoe released his second mixtape of the day and his eleventh mixtape in his month of 28 with "The Connect," which features Zoe alongside other artists. You can download it at DatPiff. Below, check out the cover, track listing and an embedded player where you can listen.

"The Connect" Mixtape by Gorilla Zoe and Various Artists

Track listing:

1. Intro - Time to Get Paid
2. Throwed Off
3. Today Was a Good Day
4. Serious
5. Gangsta Talk
6. High
7. Loud Pack
8. Gangsta
9. My P*****
10. With Out You
11. Show You Where to Go
12. School You
13. We Plugged (We Connected)
14. You Don't Want It
15. Dee Boyz