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Aasim's new mixtape, "The Money Pit, Pt. 2" is now available for free download, care of David Harraway's Twitter profile.

It includes the street single, "Feel Stronger," featuring Diddy, as well appearances from Mario Winans, Shannon, Rhea, Wize G, Iyanna Dean and more.

Check out the front and back covers (the download includes a high resolution copy of each), as well as the full track listing below.

"The Money Pit, Pt. 2" by Aasim and DJ Self (Front Cover)

"The Money Pit, Pt. 2" by Aasim and DJ Self (Back Cover)

Track Listing

1. "Intro"
2. "Blackbirds (Rock Version)" featuring Keon
3. "Feel Stronger" featuring Diddy
4. "I Mean"
5. "Breath of New York" featuring Diddy and Young Dot
6. "Money to Burn (Skit)"
7. "Message Approved"
8. "Rise and Fall" featuring Kai and Wize G
9. "Prayer" featuring Rhea
10. "My January" featuring Mario Winans
11. "S*** Ain't Gonna Change (Skit)"
12. "Maybe" featuring Shannon
13. "This is the Life" featuring Iyanna Dean
14. "Money and Sex" featuring Citizen Cope
15. "So Fly" featuring Iyanna Dean
16. "Bad Habits Skit"
17. "Candy" featuring Brother ED