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Some of the credits for Dirty Money's "Coming Home," which premiered in snippet form on tonight's broadcast of game 4 of the World Series, have been revealed.

According to Diddy, the song was produced by Alex Da Kid (back in June, he spoke about working with Diddy) and Jay-Z.

Alex Da Kid was a little more specific on his Twitter. He said that he did the beat, Jay-Z did the verses and Skylar Grey did the book. The featured artist, whose name I couldn't read on my TV, was Skylar Grey.

A version of the record (which included references to Diddy's life, meaning it was most likely a reference vocal) from Roc Nation rapper J. Cole appeared online yesterday. But, J. Cole's verses are different from the ones rapped by Diddy in a full version of the track that has been posted online. That would make sense, given the fact that Jay-Z wrote or co-wrote Diddy's rapped verses on the record.