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Levi's has brought on Janelle Monae to help them spread the word about their new online community for young women, Shape What's to Come. They taped the "Music as a Means to Unite" feature, which you can watch below, and Monae will participate in a live videocast on November 3 at 4 PM ET.

If you'd like to submit questions for Ms. Monae for the interview, please leave them in the comments below. I'll pick as many as five and send them off to a representative from Edelman Digital, who is working with Levi's on this campaign. The odds of them being asked are not great (every publication they reached out to is allowed to submit as many as 5 and then from all of the questions that are submitted from all of the publications, only 3 are selected), but you never know. Try to make it a good one!

Edit: We are no longer able to accept questions. Thank you.