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Hit Quarters has an interview with Bad Boy A&R director Daniel "Skid" Mitchell. He talks about the business, his future projects, Janelle Monae and more, in addition to a small update on Cassie's project.

Cassie’s upcoming second album for Bad Boy looks like it’ll be moving beyond the confines of a particular genre. Can you reveal what the current status is with it?

She’s working on it. It’s in progress. She did about 50 records - she has a lot of songs - and she’s just still working on it, taking her time. She wants it to be something that people are going to respect, and she’s just really trying to have fun with her next album.

She has improved a lot vocally, and her sound is more of a custom sound for her. Her first album ( ‘Cassie’) was mostly Ryan Leslie produced and written, and with this next album she has different producers, different writers, some stuff she’s been co-writing, and so it’s more personal for her.