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Earlier today, Diddy released "Fountain Bleu" by the Bugatti Boyz for free download. I suspected it was spelled Fontaine Bleau, after the resort in Miami. Sure enough, the single cover below has that spelling.

You'll note that Masspike Miles is mentioned on the cover. But, he wasn't on the version posted earlier today. According to Spiff TV, the official version does feature the Maybach Music artist and you can listen to it at OnSMASH. You can't download it as the version they are offering is the one without Miles. But, the embeddable player on their site does feature the right version. When I find a legitimate download, I'll post an update. The record was produced by The Olympicks.

"Fontaine Bleau" by Bugatti Boyz (Diddy and Rick Ross) featuring Masspike Miles (Single Cover)