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On Monday (it appears, anyway), a fake statement from Nicki Minaj appeared online. It is unclear, at this point, where the statement originated, but MTV UK picked it up, among others. But, it read:

By now, everyone should now [sic] that I am really strict when it comes to my representation. I had sympathy for Sean however I feel as if I havenít gotten the guidance the manager is supposed to give his client. Personally, I feel like I'm being managed by mother. Even if you play the smallest role on my team, I wish to see progress. Iíd like to thank him for everything he has done for me; for taking me under his wing. I wish him the best with repping Rick [Ross]. But now that my album is about to drop, its time to get serious and stop playing games. If I could turn back time... I wouldn't have made the decision to let Troy go.

It goes without saying that this is a pretty strange statement. Beyond the grammar issues and it coming across as a bit unprofessional, this would seem like a weird way to confirm that Diddy has been managing her, something that neither Minaj and Young Money, nor Diddy and Bad Boy, have done. Billboard reported in April that Diddy was managing Minaj, along with James Cruz. Part of the story, beyond the statement, was that Benny Medina was now managing her. Medina had managed Diddy previously.

But, sure enough, Minaj shot the statement down via Twitter.

"LMAO," she wrote. "I've never met Benny Medina a day in my life. We good on this side."

Miss Info says that, according to members of Minaj's "inside circle," the story is inaccurate.