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Update: Ebony is set to begin work "soon."

Ebony may have won "I Want to Work for Diddy 2," but in an interview with VH1, she says that her cursing on the show lost her job as a teacher and she hasn't yet started at Bad Boy (but last year's winners, Mike and Suzanne, hadn't started either at this point, apparently).

I talked to Mike and Suzanne at this point last season and they hadnít started yet either. Are you worried?

Yeah! Iím unemployed! I lost my job. I taught algebra and coached basketball and football. They said a teacher is a public servant, and the thing that got me was the profanity. That was a violation against our code of conduct, per our teacher handbook. I didnít find this out until they fired me, but they did so Friday, October 30, which was a few days before the show came on. They said it was bad PR for the school. So Iíve been unemployed ever since, and they also denied my unemployment. This is the most broke Iíve ever been in my life.