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Day26 fan Sophia Green (SophiaF3F3 on Twitter) started a petition on twitition aimed at getting Day26 on the 2009 BET Awards as a performing act. The show will air live on BET on June 28 at 8 PM ET. The group was nominated in the Best Group category in May.

The petition has received support from Day26 members, Dawn Richard and others. As of writing, the petition has 2,287 signatures and I signed it from the @badboyblog account.

Warning: This is nothing on Ms. Green or even twitition as they may have the best of intentions, but just as a matter of Twitter account security, while I would encourage you to sign the petition, I would also encourage you to change your Twitter password immediately after doing so. The twitition site itself is relatively unestablished, with the Day26 poll accounting for roughly 40% of the signatures added to all twititions on the site in it's history.

When you sign it, you automatically follow the site's Twitter account without them telling you and this is not something that inspires confidence. So, what I would say is to sign it if you want, but then change your password and know that you are now following them.