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In an interview with KIIS-FM's JoJo, Cassie talked about the picture leak and her hair and said that her album was slated to be released at the end of 2009. The clips are below.

In the first one, Cassie blames Gmail for the picture leak and for song leaks in the past, but to me, it sounds like she is not well versed in technology, which is fine, but because of that, she may be blaming the wrong party. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I can take a good guess. What it sounds like is that she took the pictures and e-mailed them to someone using Gmail. As is standard for e-mail programs, unless disabled, a copy of the message was kept in her Sent folder.

For whatever reason, she stopped using this account, but did not delete it. And the pictures sat in her Sent folder. Through some means, someone gained access to her account. Perhaps she had an easy to guess password, perhaps she had given access to it to someone "just once" to access an e-mail, etc. One popular way that this can happen is through the password recovery feature. Gmail keeps a secondary e-mail for you, on file, in case you forget your password, etc. so that they can contact you with it.

If she let that e-mail lapse, as well, and perhaps it was deleted by the provider or someone gained access to it (there are any number of plausible scenarios for this), then all they would need to know is her Gmail username and they would have been able to reset her password, access her account and view her Sent folder. The problem of her photos being in the Sent folder, if that is what it was, is not a problem that can be remedied by changing e-mail providers.

It's a good idea for anyone sending sensitive files to have some basic understanding of e-mail security and how to properly safeguard yourself by using complex passwords and properly maintaining your accounts, clearing out old accounts you no longer want and ensuring that you do not have numerous old, outdated accounts with sensitive information in them. That is the best way to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

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