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In a video interview with Thisis50 (watch it below), Day26 discusses their album title, working with Diddy and more - but, perhaps most notably, the rift between the group and Donnie Klang was again a topic and Que and Mike took the opportunity to throw a bit more fuel on the fire.

Last month, speaking to Hardknock TV, members of the group (most notably Que, Mike and Robert) took turns criticizing Donnie Klang for remarks made on the Making the Band 4 finale, which seemed to be a bit misinterpreted. Overall, it seemed ugly and uncalled for.

So, all has been quiet on this front for more than a month, until now. Asked about the situation by Thisis50, Que and Mike jumped on it and it was a little awkward. Robert, Willie and Brian are all pretty silent as Mike and Que talk.

I talked to Willie over Twitter when the first situation broke and, though he wasn't a big part of it, he acknowledged it was "stupid" and said the group was sorry. Indeed, in this video, he says that he called Donnie and apologized for his part in it, saying that Donnie's problem was more with MTV than with them. But, as he's talking, Que interrupts and talks over him, implying that Donnie said things about Que and his family behind the scenes. I wonder how long this will be a topic - hopefully they'll have a sit down, clear the air and move on.