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Jeremy Thomas of has a review of the three disc Collector's Edition DVD of "Notorious." He closes with:

In creating the life of Biggie Smalls for the big screen, director George Tillman Jr. finds most of his strength in the standout debut performance of Jamal Woolard who handles the role of the rapper with amazing skill. Woolard is supported by strong performances by the rest of his supporting cast; unfortunately a largely by-the-numbers biopic script and a tendency to smooth over certain negative elements of Biggie's story don't give the cast the support they need. Still, the performances and the amazing rap scenes are more than enough to hold the movie up, creating something well-worth checking out. The DVD gets a high-quality audio and video transfer along with a good set of special features, making this a very decent choice of DVD's to add to one's collection especially if one is a fan of hip-hop and Christopher Wallace's in particular.