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In an interview with Vlad TV, Busta Rhymes explained how Diddy pushed him to switch up his style in the 90s. It's a pretty funny clip and you can check it out below (warning: explicit language). When he was asked why he made the change, this is what he said:

"I think it was a combination of - not really the wider audience - it was more directed towards the women. Like one day, me and Diddy and Q-Tip was in the studio and, I tell people this story on a regular basis, like motherf***** Diddy was being a a**h*** with me one day in the studio - trying to f****** pop off joke s***. But, he said something that stuck with me and Q-Tip was kinda, you know, saying the same s** to me. And Puff was like "Hey yo Bus, man, b****** don't wanna f****** go rowl rowl like a dungeon dragon with you on every f****** record. Calm that s*** down, man. Try to spit on a song where you articulate your s*** a little clearer and you f****** use your regular voice. What the f*** is the screaming all the time on the record? B****** don't find that s*** sexy." I was like, "Yo, f*** you n****." So, you know, ultimately, I went home and I thought about the s*** and then I also felt like, you know, I ain't just gonna just do this s*** because they told me to do it, I gotta do that s*** because it feels right to me."