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As we reported yesterday, The Boombox hosted today's premiere of the latest video from Day26's second album, "Forever in a Day." Check it out below:

This is better than I was expecting (given that the video premiere was announced days before it was actually happening). It's a pretty cool video. Despite the note included along with the video on The Boombox, I was told by a source at the label that "Stadium Music" is not their second single. From what I understand, it's primarily a video for the internet. So, definitely take it for what it is: a bonus video between their first and second singles.

Indeed, Qwanell "Que" Mosley of Day26 announced earlier this month that the second single would be "Your Heels.". Two days later, the group's MySpace featured a poll asking fans to vote on the second single. "Stadium Music" was not included on this list, while "Your Heels" was.

As of now, the results of the poll place "So Good" in the lead with 33%. "Your Heels" is second with 29%, followed by "Girlfriend" (16%), "Shawty Wats Up" (14%) and "Then There's You" (8%).