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Bad Boy has released a pair of promo CDs featuring dance mixes of Marina Chello's two singles, "Sideline" and "What's Done is Done." Here are the track listings:

"Sideline (Dance Mixes)" (according to

1. "Sideline (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Edit)"
2. "Sideline (Matthias Heilbronn Edit)"
3. "Sideline (Solitaire Edit)"
4. "Sideline (Maurice's Mojo Edit)"
5. "Sideline (Matthias Heilbronn Club Edit)"
6. "Sideline (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)"
7. "Sideline (Matthias Heilbronn Club Mix)"
8. "Sideline (Solitaire Club Mix)"
9. "Sideline (Maurice's Mojo UK Mix)"
10. "Sideline (Matthias Heilbronn Dub)"
11. "Sideline (Maurice's Mojo UK Instrumental)"
12. "Sideline (Matthias Heilbronn Acapella)"

"What's Done is Done (Dance Mixes)"

1. "What's Done Is Done (Groove Police Edit)"
2. "What's Done Is Done (Matthias Heilbronn Edit)"
3. "What's Done Is Done (Solitaire Edit)"
4. "What's Done Is Done (M&M Edit)"
5. "What's Done Is Done (Maurice's Edit)"
6. "What's Done Is Done (Matthias Heilbronn II Deep Edit)"
7. "What's Done Is Done (Groove Police Club Mix)"
8. "What's Done Is Done (Matthias Heilbronn Soulflower Mix)"
9. "What's Done Is Done (Solitaire Club Mix)"
10. "What's Done Is Done (M&M Club Mix)"
11. "What's Done Is Done (M&M Extended Full Mix)"
12. "What's Done Is Done (Maurice's Club Mix)"
13. "What's Done Is Done (Matthias Heilbronn II Deep Mix)"

If you are interested in picking up a copy, keep an eye out on eBay and other used music marketplaces.