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In the clip below, Atlanta music producer Nitti talks about his relationship with Yung Joc. In the past they have had some issues with each other.

At the end of the video, he says:

We gonna have a good time with this music thing. Everybody gonna make some money, we gonna keep it moving. Y'all get ready, everything is gonna be OK. Puff, everything is gonna be OK. Big Block, everything is gonna be OK. I love you, Block. What's going on, Blockster? How you doing, homie? Everything is gonna be OK. Joc, everything will be OK. I'ma tell y'all why everything gonna be OK. It's because Nitti's back in the picture, man, and we're gonna get everything worked out, man. You know, what I mean.

So don't y'all listen to that bulls*** y'all hear on the internet and all that stuff, you understand what I'm saying, everything is gonna be OK, man. Y'all stay out of other people's business. This ain't got nothing to do with everybody else. Y'all sit back and watch the movie and watch it unfold until history. You gonna see history made, I promise y'all that.

Not that Nitti can make it happen, necessarily, but this is good to hear. One thing: please stop blaming the internet for everything. Joc is the one who aired all of this out, when he spoke to Billboard and The internet didn't make up what Joc said. Beyond that, again, this is good to hear.

Thanks Theo.