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The Buzz International Group, Donnie's newly signed PR reps, put out this press release today:

Diddy’s Making the Band Protégé and Pop Sensation, Donnie Klang, is a Triple Threat
Bad Boy’s, Donnie Klang, is breaking ground in the entertainment world with new music and more

May 18, 2009, New York, NY- Bad Boy Entertainment’s Donnie Klang, of Making the Band fame, has built a burgeoning career that seems to be unstoppable. With the finale of the fourth season of Making the Band 4 having recently aired on MTV, an acclaimed debut album under his belt, and a massive following, Donnie is hotter than ever. Coming into the second half of 2009, Donnie is hard at work and will be hitting fans with new music, more tour dates, and acting. Watch as Donnie Klang becomes an international idol!

Working on the follow-up to his debut album, “Just a Rolling Stone” Donnie is putting his heart and soul into the music, letting his voice and personality shine through. Donnie has tirelessly been working on writing his own music for the new album and with the help of his producers, Connecticut duo, The Young Boys, together they have crafted a sound he can truly call his own. Speaking on the new album Donnie says “I have been spending a lot of time in the studio with The Young Boys and since working on my last album with them on the track “Pick It Up”, we have developed a great relationship. We are creating music that represents me as a person and an artist. The songs are timeless, with pop, R&B, a little bit of rock influence in them, and they all depict the story of my life.” This highly anticipated album will not disappoint as music aficionados and fans of Donnie Klang who look forward to hearing his voice as an artist and writer.

Donnie Klang will soon be adding Movie Star to a growing list of titles he already holds in the entertainment business. No stranger to the stage and small screen, Donnie got his start in the business at a young age doing acting and modeling. Delving into a career in modeling/acting once again, Donnie has signed with top talent agency, William Morris Agency, for acting opportunities. “After meeting with casting agents and movie producers last year, 2009 has brought in a lot of scripts and I am doing readings and sending audition tapes for multiple projects” said Donnie. With his charismatic personality, gift for singing and the desire to act, Donnie looks to achieve a career like that of Will Smith. “Music is my first priority but in between albums, I want to focus on acting and be known for delivering great finished products for both.”

Whether it’s a red carpet event, hitting the gym, rehearsing, reading scripts or making music for his sophomore album, Donnie Klang is constantly working. Singer/Songwriter, Dancer, and Actor; Donnie Klang is Bad Boy’s Triple Threat! If people haven’t realized what music mogul P. Diddy saw in this young talent, when he presented Donnie with a solo recording deal, things are about to change.

About Donnie Klang

Only two years ago, the Brooklyn, NY born and Long Island, NY raised young man by the name of Donnie Klang, was an aspiring entertainer. Out of work and choosing to drop out of College, he went on a mission to fulfill his life-long dream of having a career singing. Giving it one more shot, Donnie made it on to the music/lifestyle mogul, Sean “P. Diddy” Comb’s, MTV music competition reality show, Making the Band 4. With his talent, determination to win and an undeniably gravitating personality, Diddy awarded him with a solo record deal with Bad Boy Records on the show’s live finale. Since his signing, Donnie Klang released his debut album “Just a Rolling Stone” in 2008 with great anticipation from his Making the Band fans and toured extensively to much acclaim for his stage presence and his gift of singing. Now in the process of recording his sophomore album, continuing to perform across the country, and with the third season of Making the Band 4 completed, Donnie is staying focused.