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On Sunday, Qwanell "Que" Mosley of Day26 announced on that "Your Heels" would be the second single from the group's latest album, "Forever in a Day."

However, a poll has now popped up on their MySpace asking fans to vote for their second single. I would tend to believe it has already been picked, but perhaps not.

At any rate, there are five choices on the poll. They are:

"Shawty Wats Up"
"So Good"
"Then There's You"
"Your Heels"

Out of these, I probably lean towards "Shawty Wats Up" right now, as long as T-Pain will do the video. At the time of writing, they have received 473 votes. "So Good" is in the lead with 32%, but "Your Heels" closely follows at 30%. "Girlfriend" (16%), "Shawty Wats Up" (15%) and "Then There's You" (8%) round out the bottom of the list.