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We're going to try something a little different for next Thursday's episode of Making the Band 4 on February 26 at 9 PM ET. We're going to do a live chat on the microblogging service Twitter. If you're not familiar with it, check it out and give this video a watch. It's free to sign up.

On Twitter, people can talk back and forth by sending what are called @ (at) messages. When you want to send something to someone, you start your message with @username. So, for example, Bad Boy Blog is badboyblog on Twitter. So, if you want to send a message to us on Twitter, you start your message (or Tweet) with @badboyblog.

Twitter also has a tagging system allowing you to group messages all into one strand based on the tag. We are going to use the tag #mtb4. So, during the chat, please add #mtb4 somewhere in every Tweet that you send concerning the show. You can track it via Twitter search and TweetChat.

I'll be participating with the badboyblog account and I've arranged for us to be joined by a special guest, my friend Anthony Violante who works in the new media marketing department at Bad Boy. His account is thisisanthony.

The fun will start at 8:45 PM ET. Please log on at that point and join the TweetChat room. The chat will run all through the show, as we'll chat as things happen, and it'll end at 10:15 PM ET, as we'll do a little post-show chat, as well.

Just as a general reminder, please be sure to keep it at a respectful level toward everyone involved in the chat and the show, including Bad Boy and it's artists. Anything that is outside of that category will be ignored.

With that out of the way, I look forward to talking to you then!