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On last night's episode of "I Want to Work for Diddy 2," no one was eliminated. The episode centered around the four remaining contestants (Ebony, Daniel, Dalen and Ivory) cooking, organizing and serving a dinner for Diddy, family and associates, including Dawn Richard and Kalenna of Dirty Money and Aasim. The dinner party was held on a yacht.

After the dinner, Diddy singled out Daniel for his performance and allowed him to take the yacht out and have some wine. Daniel was given the opportunity to invite another contestant with him and he selected Dalen.

Nonetheless, when it came time to vote, Dalen voted for him. On Twitter, Dalen said that he and Daniel had already talked and Daniel knew his strategy and said to go ahead and vote for him. Ebony and Ivory voted for Daniel, while Daniel went for Ivory and then selected Ivory to join him in front of the judges. But, the judges felt that Ebony and Dalen should be the ones up there, so they reversed it. In the end, though, everyone was safe.