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In the clip below, Mase shows up at the V-103 Alanta studios during a visit from Diddy/Dirty Money. He claims to be in search of his "freedom" and has papers for Diddy to sign.

He enters the booth where Diddy, Dawn Richard and Kalenna are sitting alongside host Ryan Cameron and others, and the host makes the sort of excited proclamations you'd expect. Then there is a brief clip where Diddy is looking at some papers and seemingly signing them.

"Just to be clear: he has the freedom to go do whatever he wants to do," Diddy says when the interview resumes. "People that felt like ... I may have stopped him or whatever, he can do whatever he want to do. I'm trying to make everybody's crystal clear. If you want those Mase verses, you can get your hustle on right now. You know, he got a slick tongue, though. He a mean negotiator, so you better come with that gwop."

"I got my official papers right here from Puff Daddy," Mase tells the camera, removed from the booth - and Diddy's presence. "It was love, so I guess we don't have no problems after all. I don't even know how to take that. I ain't used to Puff doing good stuff."

Really, Mase? What an astonishing statement to make; one that even his own book, "Revelations," contradicts. What a thing to say.

At any rate, given the general levity of their exchange, Mase's interactions with Dawn, Kalenna and Capricorn Clark (Global Brand & Viral Marketing Director for Sean Combs/Bad Boy) and the fuzzy language that both of them use, it's unclear what exactly Diddy has signed. It's fairly inconceivable to think that a person with business sense, let alone Diddy, would sign anything substantive without an attorney's input. So, who knows what's going on.

As an aside, the clip also features a brief accapella performance of "Love Come Down" by Dawn and Kalenna.

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