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Joy Sewing of The Houston Chronicle has a great interview with Derek Luke. Probably the best part isn't in the text version, but in the extra audio clips featured on the lower left hand of the site.

In one, Luke shares what Diddy told him about the Bad Boy company name and how it came about. "It was inspired by this vision he had about these school children in New York, crossing the street," Luke said. "It was one little kid pointing his finger and looking at something totally different, start going opposite of where the other kids were going. They called him a "bad boy" and he says, that's where I got the vision for Bad Boy 'cause it was the kid, he was a bad boy, but he was really pointing somewhere else 'cause he was trying to go against the grain." In the very next clip, he also has an interesting story about Diddy having to leave the set because of the film hitting him a little too hard.