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The two viral videos launched on promptly at 7:00 PM ET.

Video 1 is called "What Would You Do For Diddy?" It opens with a lady named Kim from singing "What Would You Do For Diddy?" She says that we are going to see what are the craziest things they would do for Diddy.

It cuts to her waking up some guy in a bed, telling him that she wants him to put on a red dress. Seems kind of canned. The guy says Diddy's not here to see it, but Kim says she'll send Diddy a picture. Then Kim says she'll need to wax his legs. She starts to do so and after pulling off the first sheet of wax, the guy screams.

Next, we have a man dancing on a sidewalk with a cane. Following this is Kim with a woman in a bathroom. The woman appears to be wearing a towel. At any rate, Kim wants her to put Ciroc up her nose. Which, she does.

After this is a man sitting on a chair on the sidewalk. Kim writes "No B****a**ness" on his forehead and then walks him down the side walk saying "No B****a**ness!" Then we have another guy doing a dance. The last one is a girl pulling out her eyelashes. The video ends with Kim saying that all she wants to know is what you would do for Diddy.

The second video is called "The Applesauce Bandit". It begins with someone asking Andre Harrell what one word he would use to describe Diddy. He says "driven." We then see a sort of Diddy impersonator on the phone with some lady saying that he is sick of cheesecake and has a craving for some apple sauce. But, he says, there is a bandit (cue footage of man in purple cape) out there "displaying a high level of b****a**ness". He needs her to find the bandit and bring him back his apple sauce.

Next, the lady is on the streets, pledging to find the bandit. We see both of them running down the street and into a grocery store where the bandit takes some apple sauce off the shelves. The woman falls and we hear some sort of motivational speech from someone about staying in the race.

She catches up to the bandit, taking his bag of apple sauce and beating him with it. Then she dances, repeatedly saying apple sauce. While dancing, she drops the bag, breaking the apple sauce. She's ad now and we see the banditon a ledge with the wind blowing his cape, smiling. Finally, some kinds start to yell "applesauce is the new ...", but the video stops short before they can finish what they are saying.

After I watched these videos, I'm left with kind of a strange look on my face. Here I was, hoping for the already shot "Diddy Rock" video to be one of these. They are both goofy and, to be honest, I wasn't particularly entertained by either of them. The first one just strikes me as strange and potentially destructive... why make people torture themselves for Diddy for no reason? I can see how some would consider it in poor taste.

If I have to vote, I'll vote for the second one because at least I was a little entertained by it and it was cute, in parts. It's slapstick and corny and I don't know what they are going for (besides making people to talk, hence "viral" videos), but I don't know that I consider it a great attempt. And what's with the Andre Harrell cameo at the start? And why have a Diddy imitator instead of Diddy himself? Diddy did not appear in either of the two viral videos that were deemed as his. I don't know.

At the time of voting, 7:16 PM ET, there was 87 votes. 77% for "What Would You Do For Diddy?" and 23% for "The Applesauce Bandit".