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Update: This story was an April Fools Day joke.

According to sources close to the situation, former Bad Boy rapper Mase is once again trying to join a new label. This time, it's Suge Knight's new venture, Black Ball Records.

Knight, whose Death Row Records is currently locked in bankruptcy proceedings, has recently been developing a reality show called "Unfinished Business". The premise of the show is to follow Knight as he establishes his new label. At this point, it's not known whether or not any networks have shown interest in the show.

After retiring from rap short of his sophomore effort, "Double Up," Mase returned to music to release "Welcome Back" in 2004. Reportedly disappointed with Bad Boy, Mase attempted to jump to 50 Cent's G-Unit Records in 2005. Only one catch - he was still under contract with Diddy. Diddy, insistent on not letting Mase out of his contract without renumeration, stood firm against 50's advances, including diss tracks and public nonsense.

At the end of the day, Mase did not go to G-Unit. In April of last year, SRC's Steve Rifkind told XXL that Mase was negotiating with Diddy so that he could join SRC. Diddy confirmed these talks, but that was where it ended.

Now, Mase appears to have set his sights on Knight's new venture, Black Ball Records. What are the chances that Diddy would actually negotiate with Knight? I would say nil. But, from what I was told, he doesn't care and neither does Mase, as the pair is set to record and release and make Diddy stop them legally, which they are not sure he is willing to do.

It represents a new level of audaciousness for the rapper turned pastor. After leaving rap behind for religion, he started his own ministry. He returned to Bad Boy, releasing an album with a positive vibe that I personally enjoyed. But, then something went wrong and he aimed to change his image at G-Unit and he started talking about killing people. That situation didn't work out, so he sat back and then tried SRC. Failing again, it seems that Mase, a Bad Boy artist when Biggie died, someone who had called the late rapper a friend, has now become incredibly desperate, attempting to hook up with Knight, a constant subject of rumor and speculation in the death of Biggie.

The discussions between Mase and Knight were recorded as part of the reality show and will, according to a source, be a big part of the push to generate cable network interest in the show. Even so, I doubt they will receive any.