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Welcome to the liveblog of the season finale of the second season of Making the Band 4. If you entered our giveaway for a copy of "Welcome to the Dollhouse", the winners will be announced inside of this entry, during the show, at (around) 8:30 PM ET, 9:00 PM ET and 9:30 PM ET - good luck.

The beginning of the show is a quick recap (by Aundrea) of some of the more memorable moments of the season thus far. She ends by saying that they are all back in New York now for the season finale.

After the opening music, Diddy welcomes you to the two hour event. When he goes out, he does it in a big way, he says. It's now time to hit the road and promote the album with a promo tour. He claims that this is going to be one of the biggest years in Bad Boy history.

All 3 acts have a meeting at Atlantic Records to discuss the marketing plans for the albums. A ton of people are there, from producers to label people to marketing people. The VP of Pop Promotion says that the feedback for "Damaged" has been great. The guys will have the same sort of marketing scheme as the guys. Harve Pierre encourages the guys to pick the brains of Danity Kane to learn from their experience.

The promo tour starts in NYC on Hot 97. Danity Kane is first on with Miss Jones, a host on the station. D. Woods mentions that this is the third time that they were on her show. The first two times didn't go well and Miss Jones was pretty nasty, really. But, the girls from DK took it in stride.

They ask Aubrey if she was sleeping with Diddy and if she's Bad Boy for life. She says he's Bad Boy for life, but not in that way. They sing a quick part of "Damaged" and they do well - Miss Jones approves. Aundrea comments on the fact that she was nice to them. The guys are up next with her, for the first time.

Donnie's confident that the guys can come through this. The guys plan is to charm her. They all complement her on her appearance and Will says, "it works." She asks the girls to sing. They start to sing "Got Me Going", but she stops them since they just played it, so she asks for something else. And they do "Exclusive (No Excuses)". They sound good.

She then turns to Donnie and asks him how he feels. She asks Donnie to sing, out of the blue. He goes for a part of "Dr. Love". And one of the DJs, not Miss Jones, interrupts him and says that's a nice Justin song. He admits that it does have a Justin vibe to it, but other songs on his album have a more Prince vibe and Miss Jones corrects him and says a Donnie vibe and he agrees.

The guys and girls all pile in one bus to leave New York. No one is particularly pleased with the arrangement. Robert assures us that there will be drama.

Diddy has breaking news: the radio stations around the country are not respecting the Making the Band fans. As soon as this show is over, he wants you to flex your power and call your local radio stations and request the Danity Kane and Day 26 singles.

On the busy, Shannon explains that they are hitting as many radio stations as they can. Aubrey is laying against Donnie as he talks about his album and how he's hoping to wrap it up.

All 3 acts are now on The City on XM Radio. The DJs ask them what their goals are for their albums - both groups say diamond. The girls then put down a bet on the radio: whichever group sells the most on iTunes in the first week has to take the other one out to dinner and give them a foot massage - or something. The guys say it's not a fair bet because DK has an established base of fans, but they take the bet, anyway. Donnie gets on and tells them to enjoy the number one spots because, in April, his music will be out.

They now travel to Philadelphia where the girls participate in an interview for Power 99 with a room full of people. The girls talk a good game about the guys being "the women" in the house with DK going out to get the bacon. The guys are brought out now. The host really likes Donnie and he sings to her and "this lady is going crazy", according to Mike. Donnie hugs her and she's shaking. Mike is laughing.

The guys do their part of it and the girls and guys both tell people to get their singles and they repeat the bet, this time it's a pedicure and dinner. Aubrey says who sells the most singles "this week". Not sure what that means - the week this was taped, presumably. What week was that? Probably already over.

The 8:30 (first of three) winner of our "Welcome to the Dollhouse" giveaway is: Anthony R.

They are headed to a club to do some promo. "Damaged" is played, followed by "Got Me Going". Brian says that the crowd reaction to their song was better. Q is doing some provocative dances and the girls notice and Dawn appears to be a little offended by it all. Q tries to talk with her and they argue a little, but then go back to promoting.

Q tries to talk with Dawn in her hotel room. But, she won't open. Through the door, he can hear them talking about him and how Dawn can't deal with a kid like him. Q is upset - he's got tears in his eyes - and he says he's sick of Danity Kane talking about Day 26 when all they do is show them love. Q says he's not going to allow them to disrespect Day 26 any longer and he puts that on his father's grave. The guys urge him to calm down.

The next day, they leave the hotel and it appears that everyone is in a somber mood. Q is talking with Robert about how DK talks badly about the group on the radio and elsewhere and they're tired of it. Robert feels they need to have loyalty to have each other because what they have now is not going to work.

They are back in New York City. We now follow Donnie as he heads to the studio to meet with Diddy. He's picked a single and they just need to finish it off. It's from Soul Diggaz and Diddy is going to try to add some soul to it. Donnie tells him that he's not going to have any more white friends after this. Diddy tells him that's right, he doesn't want him calling his white friends anymore. Diddy keeps a straight face while everyone around him cracks up, including Donnie. He maintains it before finally saying that he's kidding, but that he will have more black friends after this.

They work on the track. He sings parts while Diddy sits at the boards. Donnie is in and out of the booth. He talks about how Diddy trusts him enough to ask what he thinks the track needs. While he's in the booth, Diddy jokes that Donnie doesn't know that this is Diddy's next single and Donnie's only getting background vocal credits and everyone laughs.

Donnie's happy as this is what he he has dreamed about. Diddy jokes that he has to take this record because it's so hot. The record is "Take You There".

Night falls and we see Q walking the street. He gets back to the hotel and knocks on Dawn's hotel room and she opens. He walks in and sits down next to her in bed. He tells her that he's so sorry and he feels bad. They laugh and have a little pillow fight. They seem to be past it and Dawn says she just wants to let it go.

Diddy invites everyone to dinner. No one knows what it is about. Diddy arrives after everyone is seated.

Another Making the Band special announcement from Diddy: Donnie has finished his first single. "Take You There" featuring the man himself, Diddy. He says that, later in this episode, Donnie will be performing the track and Diddy will join him.

At dinner, Diddy asks them what's up? Everyone is silent. He asks if they are tired - why are they so quiet? More silence. No stories from the road, Diddy asks? More quiet. He says they seem a little blasay blah. D. Woods says he might have that effect on some people while they wait to find out what he has to say.

He says that he's heard some of the radio interviews and he says that they need to know what they are trying to accomplish, which is to accomplish something together and try to always support each other. He warns them to watch out for the landmine questions when the you are dealing with interviewers.

He toasts them to the blessings that they have. He asks them what they feel with their singles dropping. They feel good and the girls ask him what he's thinking. He says part of the reason that he does Making the Band is to give everyone chances. He remembers what they all looked like when they first walked in front of them and it's great to watch them mature, especially Danity Kane, and it's nice to see them be successful. He says that Danity Kane has graduated and he's blessed to have them on his label and that he thanks them for trusting him. He calls them his superstars and the girls are all happy.

He turns to the guys and he says that after working with Jodeci and New Edition, he tells them that they are up there and that's a great accomplishment and once people hear their album, they will be blown away. Don't take it for granted, he says, count their blessings and be glad they have each other.

He tells Donnie that he has something special - he's a good person and working in the studio with him was great and he needs to work on building on their momentum.

He apologizes for any moments where they felt bad, but it's definitely tough love to make them better. He then says that he's going to break them down until they cry. After a pause, he says that he was only kidding. Aundrea asks him for the iTunes bet results and he says he has them. He announces that the winner is, by an overwhelming 75%, is Danity Kane.

Diddy comes on and says to hold up and wait - don't go. It's a two hour show this time and the second hour is live.

The 9:00 (second of three) winner of our "Welcome to the Dollhouse" giveaway is: Nikita W.

The show now switches to the MTV Times Square studio as Sway brings everyone out (except for Diddy). The first performance of the night is "Got Me Going" by Day 26. They put on a good show.

Sway says that, coming up, they have performances from Danity Kane and Donnie featuring Diddy, as well as another one from Day 26. Plus, they'll talk about the hook ups during the season and have a special announcement from Diddy.

The guys and girls are on a couch. Sway talks about how they had hook ups this season, which is something they haven't had before. They show Robert and D. Woods first. Sway lets Robert set the record straight. He asks him if Junebug was his girlfriend. He says no and Junebug is actually in the audience to confirm this.

Sway turns to D. Woods and asks her if it hadn't been for Junebug, would Robert have had a shot? She says that they'll never know. In that situation, they had to be on the side of June, she says. In other words, they took something and went crazy, instead of asking him first. Robert jokingly asks what's the problem now? And D. Woods says that they had resolved the issues that night.

Next up, Sway calls up the Donnie and Aubrey footage. Sway asks Donnie what he was thinking, dating two people in one night in front of cameras. He says it was more of a misunderstanding - they all went out, it was not a one on one dinner and they were just sitting there, chilling and talking. It wasn't like another date.

Aubrey doesn't agree, saying "yeah, right." Sway asks her why she says he's shady, yet she continued hanging out with him. She calls him a sweet guy and Donnie says he felt bad. Donnie and Aubrey are cool, they both agree.

The Dawn and Q clips are next. Sway asks if Dawn and Q are boyfriend and girlfriend now. Dawn laughs and she says they are really good friends with a look to the side. She says to ask him. Q says that he wouldn't mind claiming her and Dawn says she wouldn't mind claiming him. "So claim her," one of them says. She says it is tough because they are private people and they did not want cameras to pick up on it. She says he has great lips and she cares a lot about him. He asks if he can kiss her and Sway says yes. He steps up and they share a kiss.

Now, Sway brings out Diddy. He says that "Welcome to the Dollhouse" is the number one album in the country. The guys stand and applaud. He then says that "Day 26" is out on Tuesday and that you could make it a number one album.

Sway asks him if when he put the boys and girls together, he expected drama. Diddy said that some people look at it as drama, but he looks at it as chemistry. They have good chemistry and that's a great thing, he says.

Sway congratulates the girls on hitting the number one spot on the charts. They now show some clips from the development of the album, when the girls were arguing about the direction of it. (If there is one phrase I really don't need to hear anymore, it is "pop international"). The clips end with the Diddy apology clip.

Sway says that he's known Diddy for a long time and he's never seen him apology. Diddy talks about how everyone matures and how they were right, he was wrong and we're all learning from each other. Sway tells Aubrey that she talked a lot of mess but then she got in front of Diddy and she was quiet - was she scared? She says no, Diddy's a teddy bear inside, but you have to get past the class. Sway says she looked shook, which she did. Diddy says that she was shook. But, every one's happy.

Danity Kane performs "Damaged". Diddy gets up out of his seat and dances to it. Another good show. Their dance routine is close to the routine they do in the video for the track. After they finish, Diddy runs and jumps across the stage, hyped up from the effort.

The 9:30 (final of three) winner of our "Welcome to the Dollhouse" giveaway is: Bryant T.

After a break, the show returns and Diddy is wearing a "No B****a**ness" shirt. And they talk about Diddy's creation of the term and how it all started with one bad attitude. They show the clip of Robert where Diddy first used the phrase on the show. Robert laughs and Sway says that the term is starting to blow up. He asks Diddy for an official definition.

Diddy says that it's an epidemic that we are dealing with, that is running wild in our community. He says that no one at Bad Boy has the disease. He says that the official definition is envy, hate, deceit, a lot of evilness. He says that we are coming to your cities with positivity to help to get rid of that disease. He says that you can order the t-shirt right now from the Sean John website.

They ask the groups if Diddy showed any b****a**ness. The girls say when he wouldn't let them have the album they want, that was an example. Q says that he thought that when he apologized to the girls, that was a case of b****a**ness, but the girls disagree. Diddy then steps up and announces that, ladies and gentleman, we have an outbreak of b****a**ness and he gestures to the side of the stage where the girls and guys are sitting. But, he pledges to cure it, after the show.

(I just tried to visit the Sean John site and it appears to be struggling with the traffic. So, if you are having trouble, check back later).

After Robert explains the group's name, Sway ques a couple clips of the guys dealing with different challenges on the road to where they are now. After they end, the guys perform "Since You've Been Gone" With a routine based around chairs, the guys put on another good performance. When they stood on the chairs, Mike's tipped to the side a little, but stayed up. It wasn't really noticible, but I saw it. Anyway, a good performance and they finished in poses reminiscent of their album cover.

They now show some unseen battle footage. This includes a funny clip where Aubrey says "Who wants to party?" from the upstairs of the Miami house and she looks down at Mike and another guy. After a silent pause, Mike says "nobody". Another one is Aundrea asking Willie if he wants to go on a jet ski with her. No way, Willie says. It ends with clips of Aubrey lightly smacking Donnie a number of times and Donnie saying how she just likes to beat people up and that's why she likes him - because he has a track called "Spank Me".

Sway asks Aubrey if she'd like to spank Donnie and Aubrey asks if she can. Donnie pulls down his pants just enough and Aubrey gives him a quick tap. Donnie clarifies, once again, that the song is "she said spank me". Diddy says that what they have here is some adult Danity Kane s***. If they come to your town, they are selling it out.

Diddy brings his twin girls up on stage. Now walking, they both look out at he audience and Diddy says they are already signed to Bad Boy. Before another commercial break, they show some unseen footage of Diddy dancing around and joking in the studio with Danity Kane.

(I checked the Sean John site and it just seems to be loading a blank page. But, they do some something special set up as the title of the page mentions the tees).

They show some clips detailing some of the challenges that Donnie faced, as far as watching the two groups work and not working himself. Sway asks Donnie what the moment was when it did finally turn around for him. He says it was when he hooked up with Seven (Aurelius, producer). It's now time for his performance of "Take You There". He's on stage with four dancers. We have only four minutes left on the show as he is half way through. It's clear that Diddy's announcement is coming at the very end.

Diddy comes out and performs his verse, side to side with Donnie. After he finishes, Donnie jumps in and they stand back to back with their hands out, a girl on each side as Diddy ad libs as he sings. Diddy dances off to the side of the stage and he gets the crowd waving their hands as Donnie finishes his song. Diddy joins him once again and hypes the Donnie single and the Day 26 album as he is joined by Day 26 and Danity Kane. Another great performance. The crowd chants "Bad Boy".

It's time for the announcement: Diddy says that this Friday, if you go to Bad Boy Online, you'll be able to buy tickets for the Making the Band tour, coming to a city near you. And when they come to your city, they will be shooting the next season of Making the Band.