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There is a poll on Yung Joc's MySpace where you can vote for what you'd like to see as his next single. Here are your choices:

"Bottle Poppin" featuring Gorilla Zoe (listen to a snippet on his MySpace)
"Hell Yeah" featuring Diddy (snippet on his MySpace)
"Play Your Cards" (you can listen to the full track in our audio player)

I haven't heard the full version of "Hell Yeah", only the one on his MySpace which cuts off before Diddy's verse, presumably. From what I've heard, all 3 of the tracks strike me as OK tracks. Joc's songs tend to grow on me. I don't like them that much at first, but then as time goes by, I like them more. It's strange. Right now, I'll give the vote to "Hell Yeah", hoping that Diddy delivers. After that, I'll go with "Bottle Poppin".

As I write, "Bottle Poppin" has the lead at 43%, followed by "Hell Yeah" at 34% and "Play Your Cards" at 23%.