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Guys are arriving at the airport. Brian H. and Jeremy are the first two to meet up. Donnie joins them next, followed by Willie, Robert, Dyshon, Qwanell, DeAngelo, Brian A. and Michael. They all go crazy over Mike's weight loss. Dyshon: "Is the rest in your bag?"

They head to park (the first place they came when they went to New York) to meet Michael Bivins. He asks them if they are ready for the next step - performing live, in concert. He says that in 48 hours, he wants them to come open up for New Edition at the Beacon Theater.

They head to SIR Studios for vocal training with Ankh Ra. Diddy has broken the 10 down into 2 groups.

Group 1: Q, Donnie, Dyshon, Brian A., Michael
Group 2: Willie, Robert, Brian H., DeAngelo, Jeremy

They will both being doing the same song. It's the Making the Band 4 theme song. The first group gets stopped and Ankh mentions that he didn't seen one player in the whole group.

When Ankh Ra tells Brian H. to bring his energy up, Brian makes a face (he's acting, perhaps, a little disrespectfully) and asks him why he's "trying to clown [him]?" Ra tells him that he's not.

Group 2 decides to stick with white, red and black for colors. They name themselves FLO. Group 1 goes with black because they are coming to kill the other team. Their name will be 5th City. Q's not too sure about it... basically saying that he agreed with it because he was tired.

Even though they were gonna wear black, Dyshon says that he's going to wear a white coat. Michael tells him that that won't work because he'll stand out. And he's right.

Diddy says that if he could give you any gift in the world, he would give you the opportunity to perform in front of a sell out crowd. That is what he is giving these guys.

The night comes of the performance comes. Slam steps out on stage and lets the crowd know what is happening. 5th City is first. Dyshon is wearing his white coat with light blue jeans and, sure enough, he totally sticks out. They seem to put on a good show, though.

FLO is next. The people in this group that stand out are Willie in his gray top that he takes off part way through which leads to a scream from the ladies (and then he puts it back on) and DeAngelo, who is wearing white pants. But, they too seem to put on a good show.

Slam comes out and asks the crowd to applaud for the group that they like. It all sounds kind of the same. Backstage, Ankh Ra congratulates them on their performance. And they are all taking in the moment, having fun. I believe it is Brian A. who says you know who won, meaning FLO. Qwanell says he doesn't care and that it's because Willie took off his shirt, so they screamed louder. Michael tells Donnie that he should have took his shirt off - they would have won.

We're in Diddy's office now. Michael comes in to meet with him 1 on 1. Diddy tells him that he made all the big men proud and him losing weight shows them how much he wants it. Robert, Willie, Brian H. and Brian A. all come in 1 by 1. Diddy mentions that Robert ran out of breath during the show and says that if he runs out of breath at a show, he wants to kill himself. lol He then asks Robert if he was happy with his performance. Robert is like... well, I guess not, looking at it from that perspective.

Diddy asks Dyshon about him wearing a white coat when everyone else was bearing black. Why did he do it? Dyshon tells him it was a group decision. Diddy says that he's confused. And he asks Dyshon if he knows that the opposite of black is white. LOL. He asks them if they have any questions for me? Donnie and Jeremy just laugh. DeAngelo asks if he sees him as one of the members of the group? You'll have to see, he says. Qwanell asks him if he sees growth in him. Diddy mentions his sideburns and says they need to go.

Diddy is sending them to get a makeover for a Sean John photo shoot. They meet with Diddy's barber. Robert protests a bit when he knows what they have in mind for him. Brian H. isn't too happy, either. Part way through his cut, he says they are trying to clown him and they should just take it all the way off. They try to calm him down, but he's not happy about it and he has a bit of an attitude. Qwanell has the right reaction, in confessional, which is to say that these people are professionals and that he needs to just chill out.

As Robert is getting his cut, they all laugh and stare as he gets his fro cut down. "Stop looking at me like that, man." lol. Afterward, he calls his mom and he tells her that Diddy made him cut all her hair off. She's like what? Why? Because that's what Diddy wants. She asks what they did to Will? And he tells her that Will didn't have a ton of hair, they just cleaned him up - he got a good cut.

Brian H. is still upset, saying that he's ready to hit someone. Robert tries to get him in the right frame of mind. Meanwhile, Diddy's barber talks with Diddy and Diddy gives him the OK cut his hair.

They arrive at MTV to do the photo shoot. Brian H. mentions, jokingly, that he worked on his sexy look in the mirror last night. They're all having fun with it and Brian H. seems to finally have his mind right about his hair, as he loosens up and enjoys it.

Diddy and the judges talk about all of the contestants. They run through all of their positive characteristics. Diddy mentions that Donnie is one of the few people in Making the Band that there is a personal connection with as far as pursuing the dream. But, all of the contestants are talked about in a positive way. Willie's got something special about him, Dyshon has what it takes and so on and so forth. Diddy says he wants to run through something with the judges, so please turn the cameras off. Off they go.

Back at the hotel (they are staying in hotels, not the house), tonight's the night. The guys are ready to know. Donnie and Qwanell are excited, jumping on their beds. They head to SIR Studios for the final cut.

Diddy's waiting for them, flanked by Bivins and Harve Pierre. Robert mentions that this is the first time Diddy's been there before them. Diddy calls Robert up and tells everyone else to move back. He tells Willie to get next to him. Then he calls Qwanell up to stand next to those 2. He calls Brian H. up to stand next to them and tells Willie to go back. He calls Brian A. up, tells Qwanell to go back.

He calls Willie back up and calls Mike up, as well. 6 of them stand there in front of Diddy now. He tells Brian A. to go back and brings Donnie up. He sends Brian H. back and brings DeAngelo up. Sends Willie back, brings Dyshon up, tells him to switch spots with Mike. He sends Mike back, Jeremy up. Donnie back, Qwanell up.

He sends everyone back and brings Big Mike and Willie up to sing the Making the Band song. Michael will sing the first verse, Willie the second. Robert sings next. Followed by Brian A. We see clips of random guys singing. They all seem to sound really good. Diddy appears to be thinking it over. Finally, he gets up and leaves and says "thank y'all very much." Bivins and Pierre get up slowly and follow him. The guys are wondering what's up? Michael says it's freaky. Slowly, we fade to black on the skyline. No band will be picked tonight.

Diddy comes on the screen. He says that he needs your help to pick the band. Log onto to vote for your favorite member. The live finale of Making the Band 4 will be on August 26 at 10:00 PM ET.