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Elephant Man. Ele. The Energy God. Whatever you call him, he's one of the biggest stars in dancehall. Signing someone at the top of their genre is a big deal, though I'm not sure that Bad Boy (and Diddy) got enough credit for this one. In doing so, they have virtually guaranteed that Bad Boy's first dancehall/reggae release will be a memorable one. His Bad Boy debut, "Let's Get Physical", is due out on November 6.

Solitair gave an interview where he said that he and Cipha Sounds produced a track for you that Diddy and Busta Rhymes got on.

I'm playing that track. "This is the Way We Roll".

Can you tell me about the track, what it's called and whether or not it made the album?

The track you're talking about, with me, Busta Rhymes and Shaggy, it's called "This is The Way We Roll".

Oh, so Diddy's not on that?

No, that's me, Busta Rhymes and Shaggy.

I read in another interview that you did a track with Mario Winans. What can you tell me about that one?

I did a track with Mario Winans called "Shake". That's crazy. And I did a track with me and Rihanna called "Throw Your Hands Up" and I did a track with me and Chris Brown.

What's the name of the track with Chris Brown?

It's called "Get You Wet".

And that's gonna make the album?

Yep, that's on the album. And I did a track with me and Mya called "This is My Life".

For the track with Mario, did he get on that to sing at all or is he strictly a producer or what's his involvement?

He got on the track, producing by Bad Boy.

So, he's not singing on it?

He sings on it, yes.

You've been on a bunch of remixes. Have they talked about getting you on the 2nd edition of "We Invented the Remix" or have you jumped on any Bad Boy remixes that aren't out, yet?

I just jumped on the Chris Brown remix. I just jumped on the Alicia Keys' brand new song remix. But, I haven't been on any Bad Boy artist remixes, yet.

What about just regular album projects for Bad Boy artists. Have you been approached to do any of those, yet?

Yes, I did one with Yung Joc called "Ready".

Is that going to be a remix of some sort, because I don't think it's on his album?

No, that's gonna be a remix.

Is that a remix to "We Ready"?

Yeah, yeah.

And that's with Boyz N Da Hood?


Is anyone else on the remix?

Well, I haven't heard it, yet. But, I don't know if anyone else is on it.

I know why you're nicknamed The Energy God, but who gave you that nickname?

Well, you know, I was in Jamaica and, I think, the promoters - I look on the posters and I see "The Energy God", so I'm like "OK". Because they know I'm always jumping and running all over the place.

Right. Like I said, I know why it is, but I was just curious as to where it came from.

Well, why they call me The Energy God is because the energy I give when I'm on stage. It's just crazy. It's like an explosion. You've just seen something that you're like, "wow, this is amazing", you know? Non stop energy.

Are you much of an internet user? Do you surf in your free time at all?

Yeah, I go on my MySpace sometimes, when I've got nothing doing.

Do you go on any websites outside of your MySpace?


The album was pushed back from August to November, but it was still released in Japan. With that in mind, have you or will you be adding any tracks to it or making any adjustments that wouldn't have been on it if it would have come out in August?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's why we pushed it back because we wanted to do 4 new songs for the U.S, you know?

Can you tell me what those are?

We added 4 new tracks, including Chris Brown. We did a track called "Feed the Floor With It" and "Fun It and Cool It" and we did another track with Swizz Beatz producing again.

Are there any other featured artists on those tracks, outside of Chris Brown?

No, it's just me. I'm on the one "Fun It and Cool It" by myself, "Feed the Floor With It" by myself. The one with Swizz Beatz, that's by myself. And then, you have me and Chris Brown.

OK, great. That's all I've got. Thanks again for your time and good luck with the album, sir.

Alright. Respect. November the 6. "Let's Get Physical", yeah!