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The Detroit Free Press has a quick interview with Robert from the Making the Band 4 group.

""We're going to go ahead and bang out this album and get ready to do what Bad Boy artists do," says a tired Curry, who celebrates his 23rd birthday next week. "It seems unreal. It just seems like a dream. It hasn't really hit me yet. It hit me when I woke up this morning and I had to get up to do two interviews with radio stations in New York. Then I had to do 'TRL' and now we're doing '106 & Park' and I just made the band yesterday. It's crazy. It's just like a dream." ...

"I couldn't have chosen it better myself. Diddy is a marketing genius. So I knew he knew what to do," Curry says. "He made the perfect pick, and he made Donnie a solo artist. That was amazing."