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I just finished interviewing Elephant Man, so look out for that, but I did want to go ahead and report something that he told me before anyone else did (I don't think anyone has, but I could be wrong). I asked him if, with the Japanese release in mind, he's added any tracks to the album for the U.S. release. He said yes and described the 4 tracks.

There are 3 solo tracks. One called "Feed the Floor With It", another called "Fun It and Cool It" and then a third, unnamed track, produced by Swizz Beatz.

The 4th track, titled "Get You Wet", features Chris Brown. So, if the tracklist on CD Universe is accurate, it will now look something like this:

"Ready Fi Di Video"
"Drop Dead"
"The Way We Roll (Remix)" featuring Busta Rhymes and Shaggy
"Willie Bounce"
"Throw Your Hands Up" featuring Rihanna
"Five-O" featuring Wyclef Jean and Diddy Wyclef & Diddy
"Gangster World" featuring Rehka
"Shake That A** Is On Fire"
"That La La" featuring Mya
"Like A Snake" featuring Don Omar
"Wave Ya Rag"
"Real Pimps"
"Five-O (Remix)" featuring Wyclef, Swizz Beats, Assassin, Yung Joc and Diddy
"Feed the Floor"
"Fun It and Cool It"
"Get You Wet" featuring Chris Brown
Unnamed Solo Track