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Yung Joc was on TRL today. They talked about pranks on Screamfest. When they first did the tour, T.I. told Joc that he was gonna be the prankster, so watch out. They caught T.I. sleeping in his dressing room, put shaving cream on his hand and put something on his head, making him slap himself, getting shaving cream on his face.

Joc and T-Pain got Ciara by putting mustard packs in her shoes. Ciara was doing an in store and some little girl told her she had yellow stuff coming out of her shoe, according to Joc. He said that he needs to get T-Pain and Lloyd back, though, because his security let them in his hotel room (he said he'll after to fire his security) and he woke up with a toothpaste hairline.

They talked about the MSG show. Joc called it a "phenomenal moment for hip hop". After watching Chamillionaire's "Hip Hop Police" video, they asked him what he thought of it and he said it looked like Chamillionaire took some tips from the "Coffee Shop" video (as far as playing different characters).

They talked about what hustling is (and the difference between a hustler and a player), the album and the "Coffee Shop" video. A funny moment was when Aly (Aly & A.J. were hosting) was saying how you could buy the "Coffee Shop" ring tone and she said the wrong number and Joc said "thank you" and "have to get them checks right" and A.J. was dying. No performance for Joc on today's show, but some good face time, anyway.