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MTV has reflections from T.I., 50 Cent and Swizz Beatz on the big Screamfest show in New York where T.I., 50, Swizz, Diddy, Kanye and Jay-Z all shared the stage.

"Just anybody couldn't have gotten all those people up there at one time," T.I. boasted. "It has to be a person of great reputation with great social standing in this neighborhood we call hip-hop. I'm real proud of that. It's not a lot of people who's cool with 50 and cool with Puff and good with Kanye and cool with Swizz and still get love in the Garden. Especially being in the Garden and being from the South. It's not a lot of people who could have pulled that off. Puff called me and said, 'Don't take that lightly. It's not a lot of New York n---as who could have pulled that off. I don't think I could have gotten all y'all n---as up there at one time like that.' I said, 'Yeah, I recognize it and appreciate it definitely.' "