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Juelz Santana (co-hosting today for Terrence) and Rocsi were talking about the MTB 4 finale and how she has questions, so then he says he has all the answers... and out come the Making the Band 4 guys plus Donnie. They did a bit of Q&A. The guys haven't slept yet. They'd sing outside, all over New York again, without hesitation. They were asked about Laurie Ann. Brian said that he's sorry it went down how it did, but he's sure that she's still out there, grinding, so they wish her well.

Do they have a name, yet? No, do they have any ideas? Someone in the audience said "Too Sexy" and they laughed and said they could rock with that. Has anyone called yet asking for money? Donnie and Michael both said that they heard from cousins they didn't know they had. How did Donnie feel after he called everyone's name? He was nervous. His first reaction was that he was happy for Michael because he worked so hard.

Juelz then said that they need to sing a bit of the "Exclusive" song and they broke into it and did fine. And that was the end of their appearance.